Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 4pm

CT ROCKS! #164 (the fundraising edition)

Host Bob D’Aprile welcomes the current CT State Troubadour, Chuck E. Costa, live in-studio during a fundraising edition of Connecticut Rocks! Costa is in two performing groups, Mon Monarch, and with Mira Stanley, The Sea The Sea. He will be releasing a collection of songs later this month, composed by school children. Also, singer-songwriter, Brian Dolzani will stop by. Dolzani is in residency at The Outer Space in Hamden, and he releases a new album, “If I Don’t Speak A Word…” later this month. He will have copies of his new album available as a premium for supporting WPKN. And, Steven Christophor of the band, Flowerland, and behind the label, Gypsy Garden Records.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Bobby D's 5-oh! Birthday Weekend

"Bobby D's 5-oh! Birthday Weekend"
Friday July 27 / Saturday July 28, 2012
at Two Boots, 281 Fairfield Avenue, downtown Bridgeport CT

8:00 Commercial Interruption
9:00 Matt Rae Trio
10:00 9th Wave
11:00 The Weird Beards

keepin' it FREE!
so many of you can come

Rew Starr
10:30 The Band-Droidz or Aotearoa
11:30 Aotearoa or The Band Droidz

again, keepin' it FREE!
so many of you can come


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CT ROCKS! show #132 - Tues May 8, 2012

CT ROCKS! #132 w/ Bob D'Aprile
:: WPKN 89.5 FM /  
:: in-studio FIFTH NATION and more :
:: Connecticut Rocks!

Listen to this show in the WPKN Archives

CT ROCKS! #132 playlist

1. Fifth Nation - Far As Sky Can Tell (
2. George Morgio - Long Haired Bill (
3. Farewood - Sable Sky
4. Estrogen Highs - Arabian Blade
5. Death To New England - NY NY
6. Her Tears - Darling
7. Zen Lunacy - Mirrors
8. Atrina - Boredom In Detail
9. Damopes - Super Sunday
10. The Fictional West - Giant Clouds
11. EULA - Awake
12. The Field Recordings - The Sad Catalogers

In-studio Fifth Nation - king julia +
13. Fifth Nation - Flight
14. Fifth Nation - Combat Kid
(Edwin Escobar - drected the video for Combat Kid, and three other earlier songs)15. Fifth Nation - Never Alone
16. Fifth Nation - Harmony
17. Fifth Nation - Blue Gold (Live in-studio)
18. Fifth Nation - Right By Your Side (Live in-studio)
19. Fifth Nation - Simple Math
20. Fifth Nation - I'm an arrow (Live in-studio)
21. Fifth Nation - Boomerang
22. Fifth Nation w/ Beyond + ER - improv (Live in-studio)
23. Fifth Nation - In My Room

24. D Ethan Decay - Witch Hunt
25. Interstellar Elevators - No Disco
26. 2 Ton Bug - Time Trabblin'
27. D. Gookin - Honey Razor
28. Business Casual Disco - Wax Your Tips (extended mix)
29. Lester Birch - Lights & Cars
30. String Theorie - Backbeat
31. String Theorie - Vitrify

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update - Tuesday May 8, 2012

CT ROCKS! is on the air tonight at 11pm ... tune in for CT indie original music ... in-studio guests possible ... 89.5 FM / ... miss any CT ROCKS! shows? hit the WPKN Archives where you can access playlists and listen to past shows ... Connecticut Rocks! on WPKN ::: ::: TUESDAY MAY 15 is MADE IN BRIDGEPORT day on WPKN + later that night, it's MADE IN BRIDGEPORT night at TWO BOOTS downtown Bridgeport

Last week, there were two episodes of CT ROCKS! ... #130 featured GEORGE MORGIO from the 60s CT band, North Atlantic Invasion Force. He even played a few songs acoustic LIVE in-studio. Lou Lorenzo from FAREWOOD was on the show and Mike Lawson from called in ... hey, GEORGE MORGIO is in BRIDGEPORT tonight!!! with FIFTH NATION is a FREE show at TWO BOOTS ... starts at 8pm ...

last Saturday, CT ROCKS! #131 ... a three-hour adventure including my selections .. and DAVE D (from the old HIP Magazine, and sometimes contributor to the Local Bands Show) ... Dave may be a monthly addition to CT ROCKS!

Tonight, it's show #132 ... tune in LIVE at 11pm for 3 hours of CT indie original music ...

please tell your friends about CT ROCKS!

Monday, March 26, 2012


many CT ROCKS! shows are available at

Shows can be streamed, or downloaded.

Here's the link:

You can also hear select CT ROCKS! shows
re-aired on Big Bar Radio ( )
Tuesdays at 2pm.

The next LIVE episode of CT ROCKS! on WPKN
will be Thursday April 5, 2012 from 4pm to 6:55pm

Ken Evans from The Fifth Estate, D-Men, and more
will be an in-studio guest ...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

CT ROCKS! LIVE! Volume One - a compilation to benefit WPKN 89.5 FM /

Available as a premium for your donation to WPKN.
Call 203-384-9756 through Friday February 17 ...
and ask for the CT ROCKS! LIVE! Volume One CD as your premium.

1. The Reducers “No Ambition” (Birdsall/Detmold/
Kaika/Trombley) Reducer Music, BMI
Recorded live Aug 17, 1995,The Satellite Lounge, Houston, TX.
Hugh Birdsall - guitar, vocals, Peter Detmold - guitar, vocals,
Steve Kaika - bass, vocals, Tom Trombley - drums

2. Sue Menhart Band “Where’d You Come From?”
Recorded live Nov 23, 2011, Olde Mystic Village Art Cinemas
Sue Menhart - vocals, guitar; Kevin Clark - drums; Dave Foret - bass;
Don Bergeron - lead guitar; Dan Spano - keys; Don Packer - sax;
Craig Edwards - electric violin

3. The Grimm Generation “Fire and Gasoline”
Recorded live Jan 29, 2012 on CT ROCKS!
Carmen Champagne - vocals; Jason P. Krug - acoustic guitar, vocals

4. Lauren Agnelli “Breakfast At Bellevue”
Recorded live Feb 2010 at Steven Foster’s studio, Dundas, Ontario
Lauren Agnelli, 12-string guitar & vocals; Dave Rave - vocals
Mark Foley - electric guitars

5. The Alternate Routes “Carry Me Home”
Recorded live in Munich Germany, 2011 Tim Warren - lead vocals,
acoustic guitar; Eric Donnelly - electric guitars, vocals

6. Farmertan “Spaceheater”
Recorded live at CBGB’s, winter 1996.This song was the first song
on our 1997 album FEMALE
Paul:vocals/guitars Mike:guitars Matt:bass James:drums

7. The Peacock Flounders “Oh So Easy”
Recorded live Apr 9, 2009,The Bitter End, NYC Ron Sutfin - guitar, vocals, Kerry Miller - drums,
vocals, Sal Paradise - bass, Jeff Weiderschall - guitar, vocals

8. Enemy Remains “Remember Tomorrow”
Recorded August 2011 at Silk City Music Factory Manchester CT

9. The Barlow Saints “Live” (Brian Theoret)
Recorded live Feb 3, 2012,The Fairfield Univ. Bookstore, Fairfield, CT Brian Theoret-guitar/vocals/harmonica/
mandolin/keys, Andrew Picart-guitar/vocals, Rob Rocco-bass/vocals
Luke Appleton-Webster-drums/percussion

10. Michael Cleary Band “See You Later”
(Edmund Peart Lyrics/MCB Music) Recorded live Sept 18, 2011,
Wormtown Music Festival, Camp Kee-Wanee, Greenfield, MA Michael Cleary guitar/vocals, Lee
Sylvester guitar/vocals, Vin Delaria keys/vocals, Edmund Peart
drums/vocals, Jedd Chlebowski bass, Frank Bauer percussion

11. The Juicy Grapes “Milky Way”
Recorded live Aug 7, 2010 at FTC Stage One, Fairfield, CT Tara Connolly - vocals; Joe Tripuzzi - bass;
Steve DeFala - sax; Fred DiLeone - keys; Jim McKeeman - guitar

12. The Clams “International Clam of Mystery”
Recorded live Dec 9, 2009 at Cafe Nine, New Haven CT Dano Clam (Dan Surkis) - guitar;
Wu-Tang Clam (Matt Noonan) - bass; J-Rok Clam (Jan Jurgielowicz) - drums.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

CT ROCKS! #115 - aired 21-Jan-2012

CT ROCKS! #115 with Bob D'Aprile :
many new tracks (first time on the show!) :
Connecticut Rocks!
aired 21-Jan-2012

1. Vexed Wuv - Danger Will Robinson
2. Vexed Wuv - Strings and Strangs
3. Jacques Le Coque - Ain't No Fun
4. Gazzara - Work Is A Drag
5. The Nevertheless - The Priesthood
6. EULA - Wake Up
7. Seizure - Mary Lou
8. Chronic Disorder - Welcome To The Modern World
9. The Deacons - D Train To Brighton
10. The Vagabonds - I've Heard It All Before
11. Deadbeats - Honey Move
12. The Mountain Movers - Too Many Free Beers
13. High Pop - Seaweed
14. The New Dirty - Bottom of the Wave
15. Damopes - Tokyo
16. Breakthrough Frequencies - Blood=Water
17. Medication - Farewell Letter
18. Midi and the Modern Dance - Almost A Threat
19. The Willow & The Builder - Heartache
20. Winter White - Summersweat
21. Canyon - Aeroplanes + Astronauts
22. Yellow 9 - The Chance
23. Zeno's Eros - Rachel's Blood
24. The Field Recordings - Fixed Points
25. Doot! - Out of the Basement
26. Fugue - The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters
27. Jerkagram - Perception Exception
28. Burning Sideways - Out of Reach (Hamden/Betheny)
29. Nahvalr - There Isn't Anything
30. Giles Gorey - Spectral Bride
31. D. Gookin - The Grower

32. D. Gookin - Spirit Link
33. Symphonic Bodega - Poluynesian Aterlife (Ending)
34. Christopher Cavaliere - Etude 7 (Brazilian March) from Monrovia Suite
35. 930 Moon - Malius Malifocarum
36. Ovlov - I Got Well from What's So Great About The City?
37. Conversion Party - Fingertips
38. Atrina - The High Road of the Future Will Be Clear
39. After Autumn - I love You Like This (West Haven)
40. Burlinson / Whitten Trio - Red Rocket Ship
41. Clay Garner - Something About You 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Late night tonight (Saturday morning) 2am - 6am ::: CONNECTICUT ROCKS! four-hour edition. WPKN 89.5 FM / streaming and archived at

Without any guests or recorded segments, I will try to play many CT indie tracks new to the show ... tune in LIVE ... call in at 203-336-9756 or listen anytime in the WPKN Archives. ::

Starting Monday Jan 30, WPKN will be asking you to join the WPKN Community with your pledge. IF you enjoy hearing CT indie music on CT ROCKS! please join the WPKN Community :::

I hope to compile a collection of LIVE CT indie tracks for a CD to be available :::

connect :

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Connecticut Rocks! opening blog

Yeah, it's a blog for Connecticut Rocks!

CT ROCKS! is on WPKN 89.5 FM in Bridgeport, with the reach of 10,000 watts from lower Fairfield County to beyond New Haven County, and Eastern Long Island to Central Connecticut ... basically a 50-mile-plus radius ... and from anywhere on the planet via live streaming and archives at

I will try to make this blog as informative as possible including:
- playlists
- links
- show updates
- general info on the CT scene

keep on rockin'
- bob d.